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Come Travel and do mission work in Kenya Africa - - - Sunday February 16, 2013 - through - Thursday February 27, 2014

This is some of our main missions work the we do

We can do nothing without you

Girls Home


Moses and Mary Mwangi Girls Home.  This home is located in Elburgon Kenya and provides a safe refuge for girls between the ages of 13 – 18 who have been orphaned, or who are victims of abuse and devastation.  This center was originally started in early 2004 by Pastor Moses and his wife Mary whom I knew personally.  This center is certainly a legacy of their love and care for the young girls in crisis in Kenya.  In its beginning, the center was just a little home in a slum supported by meager means.  Moses and Mary were suddenly killed in a car accident in Nakuru.  My last time meeting with them was during a dinner I shared with them and their two children in late 2004.  After the tragic accident, Life Celebration Center (the parent church) operated the center and was blessed to have a ministry from England (Eagles Wings) build the large beautiful center they are housed in today.

The home is capable of housing and caring for 40 girls, currently they have 27.  Some were orphans because their parents died from AIDS, and others were victims of abuse.  But, it is the story of a 13 year old girl that was taken from a situation of forced prostitution that really accentuates the need for the home.  The center also acts as an emergency care center for the western district child care service of the Kenyan Government.  Girls in need of temporary protection and care are brought to the center until they can find other family members to care for them.

The home is operated by Pastor John and his wife Rahab.  Many of the team members had an opportunity to sit with him as he shared story after story about the home and some of the girls that are housed there.  In addition to the 27 girls that live at the home, 4 girls are being provided with foster care services as well.  

If Not For You we would not have been able to bring ministry to the girls home at Elburgon



Center for abandoned infant babies

Happy Life is a rescue center for abandoned babies ages 3 weeks to 4 years old.  Many of these babies were discarded in the most unimaginable way (i.e. on the side of the road, in the trash pile, left to die on the street, etc.)  We were able to provide them with 3 suit cases of needed supplies and 15 gift bags loaded with personal gifts and supplies for each of their workers.  The founder and director of the center Pastor Peter Dungu later told me that the ladies were so appreciative of the gifts we gave them.  In fact, they stated that donors generally provide gifts for the kids but we were the only group to bring a gift for them.  There are many, many kids ranging from 3 weeks to 4 years old at the center, and the staff takes time each day to not only meet the physical needs of the kids, but also to hold and make physical contact with each baby to ensure they become familiar with a mothers touch.  This center had so many babies it seemed almost overwhelming. Room after room was filled with baby cribs.  There were play room set up for teaching the kids how to walk.  Everything imaginable to care for babies was found at this center.  There were 4 floors in one building, a play yard for the older kids and the biggest play pin I’ve ever seen.  Not all orphanages will accept infants because of the level of care they require.  The Happy Life Children’s Center specializes in caring for infants



IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN - If Not You Then Who?

Thank you!

Living Waters Children's Center


Living Waters Children’s Center, Kenya.  This is our own children’s center, with Pastor Duncan and his wife Jane as the primary care givers.  Our team was there to give the center a total make over.  The team did a spectacular job repairing and beautifying the center.  Tim and Michael’s description of the girls reaction as they walked into their newly refurbished bedroom tells a story in itself.  They reported that the girls, with tears in their eyes, threw up their hands and praised God out loud for what he had done.  Before the renovations there was a hole in the roof and the ceiling in their bedroom leaked.  Now the roof has been repaired and they have a new ceiling.  But that’s not all, thanks to the work of the team, the room was completely painted with custom art work hand painted on the walls.  The make-over extended from the kitchen to the bathroom, the garage to the front gate, everything was either repaired, replaced or painted.  You could say “no stone was left unturned”.

Jane received a new kitchen with a new propane stove, a microwave and a refrigerator.  To get the full impact of the makeover you need to know that Jane cooked for more than 20 people every day on a charcoal burning open flame on the floor.  But thanks to you those days are over, now she only has to turn the knob on her stove to get a flame. 

Because of the outpouring of supplies, we were able to bring suit cases of school supplies, shoes, toys, candy, cookies and tee-shirts.  A birthday party was held for the center and every child was celebrated with gifts, games, love, hugs and fun.  We were also able to pay the school fees to ensure that Stephanie, Julius and Maureen could remain in high school.  Keep in mind that at the high school level students must pay to attend school in Kenya.  For this reason, most high school aged kids don’t go to school.  The larger majority of the population can’t afford to pay these fees.  If Not For You, our children at the Living Waters Children’s Center would not be able to attend high school. 

100 % Support By Our Church


New name: I5 Church Children's Center

All It Takes Is LOVE!

Kibera Slums, Kenya East Africa


 Kibera houses almost 1 Million people. Kibera is the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. 



The average size of shack in this area is 12ft x 12ft built with mud walls, screened with concrete, a corrugated tin roof, dirt or concrete floor. The cost is about Ksh 700 per Month (£6). These shacks often house up to 8 or more, many sleeping on the floor..



Only about 20% of Kibera has electricity. UN-Habitat is in the process of providing it to some parts of Kibera – this will include street lighting, security lighting and connection to shacks (this costs Ksch 900 per shack, which in most cases is not affordable).



Until recently Kibera had no water and it had to be collected from the Nairobi dam. The dam water is not clean and causes typhoid and cholera. Now there are two mains water pipes into Kibera, one from the municipal council and one from the World Bank. Residents collect water at Ksh 3 per 20 litres.



In most of Kibera there are no toilet facilities. One latrine (hole in the ground) is shared by up to 50 shacks. Once full, young boys are employed to empty – they take the contents to the river. UN-Habitat and a few other agencies are trying to help and improve this situation but it is painfully slow.


Medical facilities and HIV/AIDS Clinics

In Kibera there are no government clinics or hospitals. The providers are the charitable organisations: AMREF, MSF, churches plus some others. They do a great job. All people are encouraged to have a free HIV test and if positive to take free generic ARV medicine.

This slum and the people of the slums is the the center of our work.


We love what we do and they need us!

The School at Githurai and Kibera



If Not For You the kids at the children’s center in the slums of Githurai may not have experienced the love of God through the gifts that were distributed to them.  The New Life Children’s Center ran by Pastor Wycliffe and his wife Elizabeth was started in 2008 with a donation from Noland and Terry Henson.  The center is now mostly self supporting and we send only a  monthly donation of $100 and a special donation at the end of the school year from Terry and I to help offset the cost.  We also meet the need when the school falls into emergences. This school as well as the school in Kibera provides hot nutritious meals in a safe nurturing environment.  It also provides affordable education for the kids whose parents would otherwise not have a means of educating their kids.   A toy and some candy was provided to each kid, and each teacher at the school received a gift bag full of personal items, a small cash gift and a beautiful tee-shirt.  To top that off, Kashonna and Lisa  prayed for Elizabeth (the school co-founder) till tears streamed down her face.  Experiencing this was incredible, but it was seeing the look on Sherrie and Vencellia’s (The 2012 trip) face that really let me know that all the planning had paid off.  If I never get another reward I got it that moment as I watched the joy on their face if not for you that would have not been possible.  Before we departed we gave a big free will offering to the school to help ensure they could continue their mission of educating the children from the slums, plus 4 suit cases of schools supplies. We also support the school Pastor Amos runs in the slums of Kibera.


Education is the only way to self sufficiency

Dr. King had a dream - We have hope!

The 2012 Missions Team


2012 Mission Trip

1. Minister Noland Henson

2. Pastor Steve Harris

3. Sherrie Harris

4. Minister Lisa Dozier

5. Pastor Kashonna Holland

6. Vincelia Ward

7. Dana Loatman

8. Janel Price

9. Nadine Burroughs

9. Tim Carlisle

10. Michael Johnson


With the Living Waters Kids at the Center

Some go and others send